My Journey - Xpressions of Creation

About Me

My journey has been amazing to say the least.
Amazing how life can change when you ask God the important questions when you're ready to ask them. Better be ready when those questions start getting answered.
When my brother gave me his used digital point and shoot that fit in the palm of my hand, that is when my world changed.
A door to a world that I took for granted opened my closed eyes and heart.
I started to notice and appreciate the small things that I walked by without a second look. Who knew that such a small camera would expand my world in such a profound way?
Xpressions of Creation is born from the gratitude of God's creation that happens all the time around us.
Photography taught me patience as well, especially when I am out photographing nature and animals. I really love my animal encounters the best whether It's out in the wild or at the zoo. I saw my first pair of Barn Owls at the Dallas Zoo on their very first day. I was very lucky to be able to spend some quality time photographing them because they were being isolated
from the general public. That image won me 1st place in the Feathers, Fur and Scales Photography Contest in my division. Boy...was I proud of my owls.
I donate my art with organizations that make a difference in my community or to the planet.
I am blessed to sell my art with local vendors and always looking for other venues who share my vision.
Xpressions of Creation is the journey of my life as I see it though the camera lens. I hope that my art touches your heart and brings you joy of your favorite memories.
Thank you for coming to visit. If you have any questions or comments, drop me an email. I would love to hear from you!